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/BEV3/CHBDGSTBLD - Strategy Builder

/BEV3/CHBDGSTBLD - Strategy Builder

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In this IMG activity, you define variable combinations of conditions (strategies) for contract handling. You can only use these strategies in the date parts condition, consequence and status. The formula editor provides support when you enter conditions. It is used to process mathematical formulas in different applications.

Preconfigured strategies are provided in the standard system.

Use the standard strategies provided. If you require further strategies you can create extra ones. To do so, enter a numerical key of up to four digits and a condition formula.

A strategy must contain at least one condition. If you require more than one condition in a strategy, you must link them using logical expressions (AND/OR). The formula is reached by linking several conditions. The formula rather than the strategy key is saved in the agreement.

Strategy: Payment made. RLO AND capital > 0 (account). This formula checks that the capital has been paid and the current capital is greater than zero.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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