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/BEV3/CHCEVAD - Event Administration

/BEV3/CHCEVAD - Event Administration

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In this IMG activity you define the start intervals for the administrative processes of the Business Transaction Event (BTE). To do so, you must maintain the following parameters:

  • Sequence

  • Process ID

  • Earliest start date

  • Earliest start time

  • Latest start time

  • Start interval

  • Priority

The system permanently checks your entries and starts the administration process automatically when the pre-set parameters are correct.

The standard delivery contains administration processes for contract handling.

Use the entries provided or enter your own.

If the priorities of all processes are zero, the processes are executed according to the normal settings .
If at least one process has a priority greater than zero, processes with priority zero are not executed.

The time window should be longer than the runtime of the process with the longest expected runtime. This increases the probability of a start attempt within the time window.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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