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/BEV4/PLDIFST_V - Maintain Interface Control

/BEV4/PLDIFST_V - Maintain Interface Control

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You assign function modules to identification keys for interface information. The assigned function modules control how the system checks information that is entered using the interface, and also whether the information is available in the SAP System.

Standard settings

The following function modules are available in the standard system for Pendulum List Indirect Sales:

  • IFKUN,,Customer check
  • IFMAT,,Material check
  • IFOBJ,,Object check
  • IFVER,,Wholesaler check
  • IFFN,,File name (controls the naming of files for customers and articles)


Assign function modules that Pendulum List Indirect Sales should call to process incoming data, to the identification keys that you have created.


You assign the identification key IFVER to the function module /BEV4/PLVER that performs checks on wholesalers.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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