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/BEV4/PLDROLZU_V - Maintain Role Assignments

/BEV4/PLDROLZU_V - Maintain Role Assignments

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You can determine which partner functions should apply to a wholesaler, a customer and an object. Pendulum List Indirect Sales uses additional variant addresses for the following:

  • Assignment of specialist wholesalers to a wholesaler
  • Address determination
  • Issuing order for different mediums (pendulum lists, files)


If you wish to use different addresses, you must enter the partner functions for specialist wholesalers and wholesalers in SAP SD.

Standard settings

The following keys exist in the standard SAP System for assigning partner functions:

  • Wholesaler,,,,(VER)
  • Customer,,,,(KUN)
  • Object,,,,(OBJ)
  • Different address,,,,(ADD)


Ensure that you create partner functions for the following keys:

  • VER
  • KUN
  • OBJ

You can combine individual requests for several specialist wholesalers to form one request to one wholesaler (different address). If you create a wholesaler number as a partner function with a specialist wholesaler, the system addresses this to the customer number that you entered as the variant address. You can assign the variant address in the partner functions in SAP SD.


VER = Payer ,,,(the wholesaler is created with the function of payer)

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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