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/CEECV/BADI14 - BAdI: Modification of Field Catalog of ALV Output Lists

/CEECV/BADI14 - BAdI: Modification of Field Catalog of ALV Output Lists

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Enables you to manipulate the field catalogs of the output lists for the advance return for tax on sales/purchases (program RFUMSV00). These field catalogs contain the field descriptions that the ABAP List Viewer uses to generate the output.

To differentiate between the output lists, an additional handle is assigned to the BADI and, depending on which list is being used, takes on the following values:

  • HAN1 Output tax: Line items
  • HAN2 Output tax: Totals list
  • HAN3 Input tax: Line items
  • HAN4 Input tax: Totals list
  • HAN5 Tax difference: Line items
  • HAN6 Balance per company code
  • HAN7 Cross-company-code balance

METHOD if_ex_fi_tax_badi_014~modify_fieldcat.

  DATA: ls_fieldcat TYPE slis_fieldcat_alv.

  IF i_handle = 'HAN1'.

    READ TABLE ch_tab_fieldcat WITH KEY fieldname = 'BUKRS'

                               INTO     ls_fieldcat.

    ls_fieldcat-seltext_l = 'New Company Code Name'.

    MODIFY ch_tab_fieldcat FROM ls_fieldcat INDEX sy-tabix.



In order for the methods of this BADI to be called in the program, the same country must be assigned to all company codes used for selection. The country acts as a filter value for the enhancement methods (parameter FLT_VAL).

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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