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/CEECV/BEFI_VATV - Assign Transactions to Summarization Groups

/CEECV/BEFI_VATV - Assign Transactions to Summarization Groups

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In this Customizing activity, you assign the characteristics of the transactions included in the summarization groups of the Value-added Tax Return for Estonia.

Specify the company code, year, document type, tax code, and then select a summarization group from the dropdown list. Note that you must assign all tax codes and document types to the proper group. If you do not, then the report will not properly summarize the selections.

CoCd Year Type TX Group
EE00 2016 DR O2 06 Intra-community supply of goods and services total VAT
EE00 2016 KR O2 03 Acts and transactions subject to tax at a rate of 20%
EE00 2016   A1 15 Acquisition of other goods and services subject to VAT

In this example, the summarization group of the tax return called Intra-community supply of goods 0% VAT will contain the summarization of all transactions for company code EE00, year 2016, document type DR, and tax code O2.

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