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/CEM/V_SCN - Define Search Scenario

/CEM/V_SCN - Define Search Scenario

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In this IMG activity, you define a search scenario. This means you specify that a search has only Customizing objects, for example, event types and extractors. The search is only relevant to the scenario displayed for selection. As a result, you limit the data that is displayed to only scenario-relevant data.


The search settings that you do not assign to a scenario can be seen by all users.

You have:

  • Defined search criteria for entitlements in Customizing under Customer Relationship Management--> Entitlement Management --> Entitlement Determination --> Search Criteria --> Define Search Criteria.
  • Defined search sequence and assigned search criteria to search sequence for entitlements in Customizing under Customer Relationship Management --> Entitlement Management--> Entitlement Determination --> Search Sequence.

The following search scenario are part of the standard delivery:

  • CB_SALES_C: Deposit credit sales consumption
  • CLM_WREFIN: Claims with reference invoice information
  • IC_CON_SCN: Intercompany consumption search scenario
  • IC_SCN: Entitlement determination for intercompany scenario
  • INV_CANC_S: Invoice cancellation scenario
  • POLCONS: Automatic consumption; manual maintenance
  • POLCONSEDI: Automatic consumption
  • RETORD_SCN: Entitlement determination for returns scenario
  • RPH_RETORD: Rolling purchase history determination for returns scenario

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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