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/CPD/ENGMTPROJECTID - BAdI: Generate Project IDs

/CPD/ENGMTPROJECTID - BAdI: Generate Project IDs

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You can use this business add-in (BAdI) to activate the automatic generation of IDs for customer and internal projects. You can also decide which parameters influence the naming of the project ID.

The custom logic that you publish is used in the apps to create customer and internal projects.

During runtime, the following components are available in a structure (as a changing parameter) to generate a project ID up to 16 alphanumeric characters:

  • engagementprojectname - Project Name
  • customer - Customer ID
  • customername - Customer Name
  • engagementprojectserviceorg - Service Organization ID
  • engmtprojectserviceorgname - Service Organization Name

It is recommended that you use only the components with IDs to auto-generate a project ID (due to the allowed length of a project ID).

Please note the following when implementing a custom logic:

  • For customer projects, the custom logic is invoked when you select a customer. In addition, if you wish to influence the ID by the project name, then your logic should consider this input before generating a project ID.
  • For internal projects, the custom logic is invoked as soon as you launch the app.
  • If you wish to read project-related information in your custom implementation, it is recommended to use available CDS views that serve the intended purpose.

Changing Parameter

LS_PROJECTID - Structure for Generating Project IDs


In the sample logic, the system generates a project ID based on the last generated number.

However, you can write your own logic to influence the project ID (for example, based on the ID of the customer or the service organization).

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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