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/CPD/VC_DATE_RUL - Define Date Rules

/CPD/VC_DATE_RUL - Define Date Rules

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You use this Customizing activity to control the rates that are used by the system for valuation of resources.

There are three periodic breakdowns:

  • Daily
The pricing rate for each day is picked for a resource, and the cost and revenue are calculated accordingly.
  • Monthly
This date rule allows you to define a date for each month, which the system uses to retrieve corresponding rates for the valuation of costs and revenues for a period. This date rule type offers the flexibility to define fixed periodic intervals for valuation. For example, using the Date Rule Details step, you can define a fixed date for valuations:
  • Pricing Period

Specify the period for which the rate is applicable
  • Day

Specify a day that is used by the system to fetch a rate
  • Month

Specify the month that is used by the system to fetch a rate
Note that when you define a monthly date rule, you must define date rule details for all 12 months.
  • Custom
If you do not wish to use the daily or monthly breakdown, you can create your own logic using BAdI: Valuation. For example, if you want to fetch the pricing value every week, you can create your own logic to do so.

After you define date rules in the Define Date RuleCustomizing activity, you must also assign the date rule to a valuation strategy.

In this date rule, the system uses a fixed date to determine valuation rates for each quarter:

Date Rule ID: 001

Rule Description: Quarterly Rates for Valuation

Breakdown: Monthly

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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