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/FRE/FRP_013 - Maintain Exception Base Profiles

/FRE/FRP_013 - Maintain Exception Base Profiles

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The Exception Base profile contains the basic FRP exception settings for a single location. It is assigned at the location level.

  • Zero Consumption Exception
This subprofile defines five classes for the classification mean value. For each defined class, a number of periods is maintained for analyzing "zero consumption." If there is no consumption within the defined periods, the system raises an exception.
  • Low Consumption
This subprofile contains settings to support low consumption analysis. You define a lower limit related to the classification mean value. Consumption is analyzed for all location products with a classification mean value greater than or equal to the defined lower limit. Additionally you define a threshold for days with low consumption related to the classification mean value and a number of days for which a low consumption has to be determined.
An exception is issued for a given location product if, over a period of the specified number of days, the consumption is lower than the maintained threshold for low day consumption.
  • Stock Exception Definition
This subprofile contains thresholds for raising overstock and understock exceptions. If you set the thresholds to 100%, the system compares the stock to the exact maximum (for overstocks) or minimum (for understocks) stock.

You must set one profile as the default profile. The system uses this profile if no other profile is maintained in the master data.

SAP provides ongoing settings so that, if necessary, you can make Customizing settings in the productive system.

You must make sure that you update the productive client so that the settings from the Customizing client do not overwrite the settings in the productive client.

For more information about ongoing settings, see the SAP Library under:

SAP Net Weaver Components → SAP Web Application Server → Customizing (BC-CUS) → Implementation Guide → Using the IMG → Enhancing IMGs → IMG Structure Maintenance (BC-CUS) → Create IMG Structure → Customizing in a Productive System.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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