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/GRCPI/VGRIANOTF - Maintain Text for Custom Notification Messages

/GRCPI/VGRIANOTF - Maintain Text for Custom Notification Messages

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In this Customizing activity, you can maintain the following for custom notification messages in the plug-in system:

",,relationship of custom docu. objects with message classes




",,hide recipients (Choose to not display the recipient list in the e-mail notification)

Docu. objects are the message bodies of the notification. Message classes are descriptors the application uses to associate docu. objects templates in MSMP workflow.

The application allows you to send notification e-mails to recipients triggered by specific workflow events. For example, send a notification to the requestor when their request is completed.


You use this Customizing activity only if you want to use customized docu objects. If you want to use the default notifications delivered with the application, do not use this activity.

The process to maintain and use custom notifications consists of the following procedures:

1. Maintain custom notification messages. (See Activities below.)

2. In the Customizing activity, Maintain Text for Custom Notification Messages, create and maintain the text for the message body.

If you choose not to customize the message text or notification behavior, the application uses the default delivered message classes and document objects.The default delivered system view is GRFNVNOTIFYMSG and the associated database tables are GRFNNOTIFYMSG and GRFNNOTIFYMSGT.

To maintain the notification messages:

1. Choose New Entries.

2. In the Message Class field, press the F4 key to display the list of available values, and then select a message class from the list. The message number is automatically filled in.

3. Enter information in these fields: Description, Subject, Docu.Object.

Other fields are optional.

4. Save the entry.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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