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/GSINS/NLG_ADH_V - Define Message Subtypes and Information Content of Ad-Hoc Messages

/GSINS/NLG_ADH_V - Define Message Subtypes and Information Content of Ad-Hoc Messages

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In this Customizing activity, you can do the following:

  • On the Message Headerscreen, you can define subtypes for messages.
You define subtypes by assigning a message name to a message type. To create multiple subtypes for a message type, you must create multiple entries for the given message type using different names. Note that it is not possible to define more than one subtype for message types Ap01 (Indication message) and Av01 (Removal of indication message).
The names and descriptions that you enter on this screen, are displayed on the GBAtab page in the business partner master data.
  • To obtain specific data about a person in the GBA database, you can send ad-hoc query messages to the central GBA authority in the Netherlands.
On the Requested Fields screen, you can specify the type of information you want to receive from the authority in response to your ad-hoc query messages. You specify this by entering the corresponding class field codes on this screen.
Note, it is possible to specify class field codes only for ad-hoc query messages (messages belonging to message category 3). For more information about message categories, see Message Category.

You have defined the message types in the Customizing activity Define Message Types.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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