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/IBS/RB_BALANCE - Define RBD Balancing Rules

/IBS/RB_BALANCE - Define RBD Balancing Rules

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In this IMG activity, you define the rules that specify which RBD flow types for the totals-based approach can be offset against each other.
The comparison of the value adjustment positions with the positions in the source system results in a delta that can be offset upstream if the prebalance indicator is activated.
This means that separate value adjustment proposals are not allowed for associated, opposite flows (appropriation/reset).

In sample Customizing, prebalancing is allowed only for the "direct write-off" flow types.

The "Appropriation IVA Current Year" (0101) is offset with the balance flow "Reset Appropriation IVA Interest Current Year" (0201) in such a way that the higher balance result in the RBD account is displayed as the current value adjustment proposal. The "Reset Direct Write-Off" (0231) is offset against the "Direct Write-Off" (0301) directly after the delta has been calculated. This is controlled by the "Prebalance" indicator. The planned record is created in the same way as in the example above.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

Length: 1535 Date: 20211130 Time: 125932     sap01-206 ( 32 ms )
Flow Type Bal. Flow Prebalance
0101 0201
0231 0301 X