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/IBS/RB_BENORD - Assignment of Administrators to Organizational Units

/IBS/RB_BENORD - Assignment of Administrators to Organizational Units

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In this IMG activity you assign each administrator to one or more organizational units.

The assignment of administrators to organizational units ensures that only administrators assigned to the respective branch are authorized to access or change an RBD account at this branch.

More than one branches (organizational units) can be assigned to an administrator. In this case the administrator opens accounts at the main branch to which he or she is assigned (primary unit).

If an administrator is only assigned to one branch (organizational unit) you do not need to indicate the main branch ( primary unit).

If you enter * as an organizational unit, the administrator can access all RBD accounts.

You need to have made the settings in the following IMG activities:

Define Permitted RBD Administrators

Maintain Organizational Units for RBD

You want to assign the defined organizational units to the defined administrators as follows: The administrator Marcus Adams has access to all RBD accounts at all branches or organizational units with the main branch Springfield. The administrators Julie Armstrong and Rodney Washington are only assigned to one branch (Springfield or Wakefield).

User name Org. Unit Prim. Unit
MADAMS Springfield X

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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