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/IBS/RB_PRINTER - RBD: Define Print Settings

/IBS/RB_PRINTER - RBD: Define Print Settings

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Within this Customizing activity you define the print settings.

You must first make the following settings:

This Customizing activity supports wildcard characters. Wildcard is the name given to a placeholder in the form of an asterisk and allows you to make generalized settings for specific table columns. This minimizes the number of entries that need to be made and provides a better overview. Within this table, wildcards can be used only for the fields ‘RBD Area’, ‘Valuation Method’, and ‘Transaction Code’. Note that the specific entries are processed first, followed by the general entries.

An example of print settings is described below:

RBD Area Valuation Method Transaction Code Spool: Output   Spool description text ..
0001 10 /IBS/RB_PROPRES_ECF LOCL   Proposed ECF ..
0001 10 /IBS/RB_PROPRES_HGB LOCL   Proposed HGB ..
0001 10 /IBS/RB_PROPRES_IAS LOCL   Proposed IAS ..
0001 10 /IBS/RB_SHEETSUMMARY LOCL   Sheet summary ..
* * * LOCL   PDF summary report ..

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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