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/IBS/RB_PRIOTYP - Define Priority of RBD Flow Types

/IBS/RB_PRIOTYP - Define Priority of RBD Flow Types

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In this IMG activity, you define target flow types for all RBD flow types, in accordance with the rank and current balance of the value adjustment position in the RBD component.

The flow type "Direct Write-Off" is currently the only flow type that requires an adjustment flow to be defined and can fulfill a value adjustment of zero "0" as a condition.

You must define both of the Customizing tables Define Sequences - /IBS/CRB_RANKTYP and Define Assignment of Requirements for Planned Record Creation - /IBS/CRB_ARBBEST.

In accordance with the amount (condition), value adjustment position (balance) and rank, the flow type "Clear Capital Previous Year" is assigned the target flow types "Clearance", "Reset Allocation" and "Reset Appropriation Current Year" here.

RBD Area Flow Type Priority Cond. Target Flow Type VA Adj. Flow
0001 0120 1 VA current year > 0 0120
0001 0120 2 VA allocation previous years > 0 0260
0001 0120 3 VA previous years > 0 0120

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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