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/IBS/RB_RISIKO - Define RBD Risk Classes

/IBS/RB_RISIKO - Define RBD Risk Classes

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In this IMG activity you define the risk classes used in the source systems. Since these classes are fixed by SAP you may not change the values of the risk classes. In a second step you define the type of risk class update used in the source system for the various value adjustment methods and risk classes.

Risk Class Description
0 No-Watch
100 On-Watch
200 Impaired 1
300 Impaired 2
400 Foreclosed



400 400

During the individual value adjustment procedure, the risk class is to be set automatically in the source system when the actual records are posted. To enable this, the indicator for automatic assignment must be activated. In future releases, the indicator for creating planned records is to have the effect that the risk classes are set in the source system when the planned records are created.

Value Adjustment Methods Risk Class Planned Record Creation Indicator Auto. Assgnt Indic.
IVA 0   X
FIVA 0  

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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