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/IPRO/GEN_METADATA - Generate Metadata

/IPRO/GEN_METADATA - Generate Metadata

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In this IMG activity, you generate metadata files in the context of the Internet Business Framework (IBF) to reflect data changes in the Document Builder system, for example, mapping changes. By doing so, you make sure that end users are working with up-to-date information. Also, you complete the mapping you have started in Set Default Mapping for Duet Attributes.

The report reads the updated table(s), creates an XML string for all selected metadata categories, and stores the XML strings in table XML Strings for IBF Metadata (/IPRO/TXML_STR), sorted by metadata category. This table is then read by the web service /IPRO/IBF_METADATA_GET when the end user runs Duet.

You have updated data in the Document Builder system.

  1. Perform the activity.
  2. On the selection screen:
  • Enter the relevant language. Note that you can only enter one language at a time.

  • Enter the relevant content.

  • Specify the metadata that must be updated by setting the relevant indicators. Metadata information is grouped according to similarity. Each metadata category refers to a specific section of a document, for example, the contract header or the contract attributes. For each metadata category, a separate XML file is generated.

  1. Choose Execute. At the end of the process, the system informs you whether the files have been successfully generated or not.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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