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/ISDFPS/_FE03 - Define Structure Types

/ISDFPS/_FE03 - Define Structure Types

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In this Customizing activity, you can create structure types within a structure level for each organizational area.

Here, you define the characteristics that a certain structure type should have. The structure type of a force element defines the size of a unit/association. Structure types differ according to organizational area and nation. The basic, traditional structure types used within an army start from the smallest unit upwards. The terms used to represent army structures in the SAP system are company, battalion, regiment, brigade, division, and corps. Although the terms used for the air force and navy are slightly different because of certain special features, they are generally very similar.

Structure types are based on the structure levels.

The system standard already contains pre-defined structure types that you can use.

However, you can also change, for example, the descriptions of the standard structure type and their characteristics.

We recommend you work with the standard structure types.

To create a new structure type, you must have already defined abbreviations for the organizational areas and structure levels.

You make these settings in the following Customizing activities:

Check whether the standard structure types meet your requirements.

If necessary, create new structure types:

  1. Enter a two-digit country key in the Country field.
    Note that different countries can have different structure types so structure types are, therefore, country-specific.
    When you create new structure types, we recommend you use the copy function and then change the data accordingly.
  2. In the Org.Area field, use the input help to select the abbreviation for the required organizational area.
  3. In the Structure Level field, use the input help to select a description for the structure level.
  4. In the StrcType field, enter a key for your new structure type.
  5. In the Code field, enter a code for your new structure type.
    This code can be up to eight characters long and can comprise numbers, letters, or special characters.
    However, since this field is language-dependent, we recommend you use letters.
  6. In the Description field, enter a description of your new structure type.
  7. By setting the Hide indicator, you can hide a structure type within the standard transactions.
This function is useful if, for example, you no longer want the structure type to be used, but you cannot delete it because it is still used in infotype 1950. Hidden structure types can no longer be processed in standard transactions.
  1. Enter the name of the structure type to be used for the corresponding functions in the Defense Add-On in the StrTy. field.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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