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/ISDFPS/_FE05 - Define Readiness

/ISDFPS/_FE05 - Define Readiness

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In this IMG activity, you can define the various levels of readiness of a force element. You need to assign classifications of readiness to the individual force elements, for example, ready "Within 2 Days".

The standard system already contains various pre-defined levels of readiness that you can use.

  1. Check that these standard levels of readiness meet your requirements.
  2. If necessary, create new levels of readiness.
  3. If you no longer want a pre-defined level of readiness to be used in standard transactions, you can hide it using the flag Hide.
    Hiding a level of readiness is useful if you no longer want it to be used, but you cannot delete it because it is still used in infotype 1951. A hidden level of readiness cannot be processed in standard transactions.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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Readiness Description Hide
0 Not Known
1 Within 2 Days
8 Within 8 Days