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/ISDFPS/ADD_OPEN_POS - BAdI: Selection of Open MM Documents

/ISDFPS/ADD_OPEN_POS - BAdI: Selection of Open MM Documents

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The Open Documents for Supply Relationship application (transaction /ISDFPS/ORSUP_DOCS) enables a user to process open MM document items he/she is responsible for using a collective processing run. For this purpose, the application selects all open purchase order items, purchase requisition items, and delivery document items in which the user occurs as a consumer or supplier.

If the processing of other documents is required, the selection of these documents must be specified using BAdI /ISDFPS/ADD_OPEN_POS. For this reason, the BAdI contains method ADD_FURTHER_POSITIONS:

Method Documentation

After you have called the IMG activity, proceed as follows:

  1. In the following dialog box, enter in the field "Implementation" a name for the BAdI implementation and choose Copy.
If implementations have already been created for the BAdI, a dialog box with the existing implementations will be displayed. In this dialog box, choose Create.
  1. In the corresponding field, enter a short text for implementation .
  2. In the tab Propertiesenter filter properties - if this is a filter-dependent BAdI.
  3. Choose the tab Interface.
The name of the implementing class is generated by the system based on the name of your impmlementation. You can change the name.
If the BAdI is a menu exit, the tab FCodes also appears.Enter a function here and, if necessary, additional data.
  1. Save your entries and assign a package.
  2. Position the cursor on a method. Call up the Class Builder by double-clicking it.
  3. Between the statements method <Interface-Name>~<Name of Method>. and endmethod, enter the coding you request for the implementation.
  4. Save and activate your coding, and navigate back to the screen Change Implementation.
  5. Save on the screen Change Implementation.
Note: You can first create an implementation for the BAdI and then activate this later on. In this case, close the processing function at this time.
  1. Choose Activate.
When the application program is executed, the coding you have created will be run.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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