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/ISDFPS/CMATPLN - Parameters for Material Planning

/ISDFPS/CMATPLN - Parameters for Material Planning

ROGBILLS - Synchronize billing plans   rdisp/max_wprun_time - Maximum work process run time  
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In this activity, you create the cross-system parameters for material planning (Material Planning and Planning Workbench applications).

Define the following values:

  • Document types for purchase requisitions, purchase orders, and forwarding purchase orders
  • Movement types for reservations and goods receipt
  • Account assignment type for purchase requisitions
  • Release code
  • Commitment item/funds center
An entry is needed here if you use Funds Management. If necessary, make a dummy entry.
  • Number of days for display of completed purchase requisitions

For information on the fields, see the field help.

Addresses (Business Address Services)   RFUMSV00 - Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Purchases  
This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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