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/ISDFPS/GANTT_SELECT - BAdI: Define Tab Pages (Gantt)

/ISDFPS/GANTT_SELECT - BAdI: Define Tab Pages (Gantt)

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You can use this Business Add-In to activate up to ten additional tab pages in the Structures Workbench for selecting data for the Gantt chart display.

On the selection screens, you can define the criteria that are to be used to read the input data for the Gantt chart display.

Once the data has been determined (normally object periods or relationships with validity data), you can transfer this data to a function module that displays the Gantt chart.

Enhancement spot /ISDFPS/GANTT_SELECTION has an example implementation that shows how the Business Add-In works.

No active implementation is shipped.

Create your own implementation.

You can copy the code from the example implementation to your own implementation.

The example implementation opens an additional tab page (available tab pages are TAB0 to TAB9).

In the example, object periods that have been selected in the structural area of the Structures Workbench are displayed in the Gantt chart.

The example code refers to screen 8400 of the /ISDFPS/OM_GANTT function group. Note that when you use your own function group, you must copy the DATA and TABLES instructions that are documented in the top include to your top include.

Note the following restrictions for creating screens:

  • Screen numbers 9000 to 9499 are intended for partner implementations.
  • Screen numbers 9500 to 9999 are reserved for customer implementations.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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