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/ISDFPS/MEMM_VCREQ - Define Requisition Types

/ISDFPS/MEMM_VCREQ - Define Requisition Types

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In this IMG activity, you define which document type is assigned to a document category for each requisition type (material requisition, return delivery, and service/support activity).

You assign a document type to each document category for return deliveries and service/support activities.

The following applies to material requisitions:

For document types "purchase requisition" and "reservation", the system differentiates whether the material is managed by the supplier or the consumer. When a reservation is involved, the movement type of the reservation is assigned, not the document type.

The "Acct Assgmt" indicator controls the assignment of the cost center for the requesting force element when the document is entered.

For mobile devices, define which document types are allowed for the request type.

A material for request type MA (material requisition) is managed by the consumer (indicator is set).

In this case, you assign the corresponding document type to document category B (purchase requisition) in the "Access Key" field.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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