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/ISDFPS/PRPLCNTL - Control Prioritized Materials Planning

/ISDFPS/PRPLCNTL - Control Prioritized Materials Planning

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In this Customizing activity, you control the process flow for prioritized materials planning. You specify:

  • Which functions are to run automatically in the background and which changes have to be made manually.
  • Which actions are performed if a purchase requisition item is not available.

The activity is shipped without entries.

Enter the following values:

  • Requirement priority
The requirement priority controls the process definition. The follow-up actions and system responses specified here are only performed for the requirement priorities defined here. For all other requirement priorities, either manual changes must be made in dialog mode or a conversion must be performed in the background using transaction ME59N.
  • Plnt, Log.Lvl, Ext. Matl Group, Doc. Type
In addition to controlling the requirement priority, you can use these fields to control the settings at these levels in various ways. These fields do not have to be filled.
  • Prioritized materials planning workflow:
You control the workflow for prioritized materials planning:
  • No workflow

Dialog mode must be called up manually to process the purchase requisition.
  • Workflow with automatic subsequent processing of a PReq

If a purchase requisition is created with a priority defined in the ReqPrio field, the system triggers a workflow that triggers prioritized processing.
  • Workflow for subsequently processing a PReq in dialog mode

The MRP controller is notified if a purchase requisition is created with the corresponding priority. The notification is sent by a work item with the relevant information about the purchase requisition, which the MRP controller can then process in dialog mode.
  • Notif.
You control how the MRP controller is notified:
  • Do not generate work item during automatic PReq processing

The system does not send a notification.
  • Generate WI each time a PReq is processed automatically

The system always sends a notification, irrespective of the processing status.
  • Generate WI only if an error occurs during autom. PReq procg,,

The system sends a notification only if errors occur during PReq processing.
The notification is sent to the MRP controller only if the WFPrior.MP field is set to Workflow with automatic subsequent processing of a PReq.
  • Part.Ord.
If this indicator is set, a purchase order is created for a partial quantity of the purchase requisition if only this partial quantity is available. The remaining quantity is retained as an open quantity in the purchase requisition. This is then subsequently handled as described under NA Action. If an action is set in this field, it is performed for the purchase requisition with the remaining quantity.
If this indicator is not set, no partial quantities are created.
  • AutoDely
If this indicator is set, a delivery is automatically created for the purchase order.
  • NA Action
In this field, you can define an action that the system is to perform for a purchase requisition if it cannot be converted to a purchase order because the material is not available. You do not have to define an action. For this reason, you can set this field to No follow-up action in the event of non-availability.
  • FFFC Stop
You set this indicator to specify whether the action that is set in the NA Action field is to be excluded for FFFC (Form Fit and Function Class) materials.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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