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EHS_MD_135_03 - Set Up SAPRFC.INI

EHS_MD_135_03 - Set Up SAPRFC.INI

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In this IMG activity, you set up the file SAPRFC.INI.

  1. From the Expertinstallation directory (C:\Program Files\ Expert), open the subdirectory BIN and open the SAPRFC.INI file.
Alternatively, you can also make the described settings with Expertadministration. To do this, refer to the IMG activity Set Up Windows Registry.
  1. Add the following lines to the SAPRFC.INI file:
Sample Entry Meaning
; Expert Server Comment line
DEST=EHS_EXPERT Name of destination (the parameter with which
you call the program EHSEXPER.EXE or EHSEXPSV.EXE
(see below))
PROGID=EHS_EXPERT Name of program ID (see
Set Up RFC Destination)
TYPE=R R = Registration in SAP system
GWHOST=pntd01 Router string + application server
GWSERV=sapgw00 Gateway service
FC_TRACE=0 RFC trace initialization

Note: You can use the SAPGUI entry to find the details for GWHOST and GWSERV:
  • GWHOST contains the SAP router string including the application server.

  • GWSERV contains the string sapgw and the system number.

  1. If you want to use the rule editor, add the following additional lines to the SAPRFC.INI file:
Sample Entry Meaning
DEST=SH1 SAP system
TYPE=A A = client logon in SAP system
ASHOST=pntd01 Router string + application server
SYSNR=00 System number

  1. Save these entries.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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