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XUCODEVER2 - Code Version of Password Hash Algorithm (New Systems)

XUCODEVER2 - Code Version of Password Hash Algorithm (New Systems)

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You can use the code version to control the password hash algorithm and the selection of the fields to be filled.

The hash value of the password is in the following fields:

  • USR02-BCODE (for code versions A, B, D, and E)
  • USR02-PASSCODE (for code versions F and G)
  • USR02-PWDSALTEDHASH (for code versions H and I).

Code version X has a special meaning. This value indicates that the user does not have a password.

With code version G, the field USR02-BCODE is also filled with the hash value (in accordance with code version B), to be able to export the contents of this field to older systems (=> Central User Administration); the contents of field USR02-BCODE are therefore identical in value in code versions B and G.

The same method of backward compatibility is implemented with code version I as with code version G.
In this case, in addition to the hash value in USR02-PWDSALTEDHASH, the fields PASSCODE (in accordance with code version G) and USR02-BCODE (in accordance with code version B) are also filled.

When distributing or transferring user data using Central User Administration, the information with regard to the code version is redundantly stored (fields CODVN, CODVC, and CODVS of structures BAPILOGOND and USLOGOND) to ensure backward compatibility with older systems:

A <old hash value> <empty> <empty> <empty> <empty>
B <old hash value> <empty> <empty> <empty> <empty>
D <old hash value> D <empty> <empty> <empty>  
E <old hash value> E <empty> <empty> <empty>
<empty> <empty> F <new hash value> <empty> <empty>
B <old hash value> G <new hash value> <empty> <empty>
<empty> <empty> <empty> <empty> H <salted-hash>
B <old hash value> G <new hash value> I <salted-hash>
X <empty> X <empty> X <empty>

See also:,,profile parameter login/password_downwards_compatibility

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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