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Support@consolut provides all of our customers with solutions tailored to their specific requirements. Just contact us with your SAP or DCW problems (especially complex problems). We will then develop a custom solution tailored to your needs together with you.

The Downloads area is especially interesting for AS/400 and SAP customers who will find an effective, free-of-charge STRSQL tool and the consolut kernel patch service for SAP ready for downloading there.


The download area is especially of interest to AS/400 or SAP customers, who will find there a fine, free STRSQL tool and the consolut kernel patch service for Find SAP.

Support Tool Download

consolut uses TeamViewer to provide ad hoc support. This product is completely license-free for the customer and can be downloaded from this page.

SAP Online Help

SAP documentation, help pdfs and IDES help documents can all be found online at our SAP Online Help Center! There is no question that will remain unanswered!

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For all your questions, problems and needs. Our consolut support team is looking forward to helping you out!