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AIBW0001 - IM-BCT: Assignment of Actual Values to Budget Categories

AIBW0001 - IM-BCT: Assignment of Actual Values to Budget Categories

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If you manage budget categories on investment programs, then you also have to assign the actual values on subordinate measures of the investment program to budget categories, so that the program budget and program plan can be compared correctly in reporting.

In the standard system, the system separates these two categories:

  • Capital (settled to fixed assets)
  • Expense (settled to cost centers, and so on)

The separation of the two categories is made using InfoObject 0BUD_CAT. In the standard system, this InfoObject contains the following constants from TYPE-POOL IMBW1 as default values:

  • imbw1_con_bud_cat_inv Capital
  • imbw1_con_bud_cat_exp Expense

If you want to define your own assignment of actual values to budget categories you have defined yourself, you have to make this assignment using SAP enhancement AIBW0001. This enhancement corresponds to SAP enhancement AAIP0001 for R/3 OLTP Reporting for Investment Management.

SAP enhancement AIBW0001 is called from the update rules of InfoCubes 0IMFA_1. It supplies all actual, commitment and down payment values (debits and credits resulting from settlement) of orders and projects to the investment program.

Activating and programming SAP enhancement AIBW0001

Proceed as follows:

  • Include SAP enhancement AIBW0001 in an enhancement project.
Use the Project Management of SAP Enhancements (CMOD) function.
  • Create ABAP program ZXAIBU01 as an include program.
  • Copy reference program LXAIBF01 for the enhancement to program ZXAIBU01.
  • Program the assignment of actual values to your budget categories in programm ZXAIBU01.
  • Generate program SAPLXAIB.


The following parameters are available in program ZXAIBU01:

  • I_LOGSYST: Logical system name of OLTP system of the values
  • I_WBS_ELEMNT: WBS element, by means of which the values
    are assigned to the investment program
    (also for orders for project, networks,
    network activities, and so on)
  • I_COORDER: Order number (not for orders for project)
  • I_COSTELMNT: Cost element

This table contains the actual values of a measure. The fields of a record correspond to the following InfoObjects:
0METYPE Key figure category (costs, down payments)
  • 0VTYPE Value type for reporting (actual, commitment)

  • 0VTDETAIL Detail of value type

  • 0VTSTAT Statistical indicator

  • 0BUD_CAT Budget category

Setting the budget category is precisely the task for which the assignment of actual values to this budget category is to be programmed!
  • 0DB_CR_IND Sender/receiver indicator

  • 0AMOUNT Amount

    The sample code for the enhancement contains the relevant values for the individual InfoObjects.
    You get the values for the budget category from the master data table for InfoObject 0BUD_CAT (transaction RSD1).


Assume that two budget categories are defined, in order to have separate budgets for internal and external activity:

  • IM000005 INTLAB Internal activity
  • IM000006 EXTLAB External activity

Internal activity is recognized by cost element 0000412000.

The sample code in the enhancement component reflects this scenario.

Value update for the example:

Assume that a measure with the following values is assigned to the investment program:


D 415000 400 Debit 1

D 412000 600 Debit 2

C 415000 100 Settlement to fixed asset

C 412000 200 Settlement to cost center

In the Customer Exit, programmed as specified, the result is the following assignments to budget category for the values (breakdown according to capital and expense is carried out automatically by the system):


D 415000 400 # Internal activity

D 412000 600 # External activity

C 415000 100 Capital #

C 412000 200 Expense #.

The values are then updated as follows in the InfoCube:


D 400 # Internal activity

D 600 # External activity

D 100 - # #

D 200 - # #

C 100 Capital #

C 200 Expense #

The following breakdowns are then possible in the queries:

  1. By capital and expense


# 700 (= 400 + 600 - 100 - 200)

Capital 100

Expense 200



  1. By internal and external activity


# 0 (= 100 + 200 - 100 - 200)

Internal 400

External 600



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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