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BAL Application Log Documentation   RFUMSV00 - Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Purchases  
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Customer-Specific COBRA Letters: Scope and Content

The scope of a COBRA letter as well as the content of its individual parts (notification, COBRA selection and enrollment form) is generated in the SAP Standard from subroutine SAP_GENERATE_EVENT_LETTER according to a relatively rigid schema.

You can also use Function exit EXIT_RPUCOB02_002, which is described here. This enables you to create COBRA letters according to your requirements.

When processing qualifying events, COBRA letters do not have to be output. In this case, activate enhancement PCOB0001. You do not, however, need to implement code in function exit EXIT_RPUCOB02_002.

The following structures or tables are transferred as input parameters for the function exit:

  • EVENT_DATA Data on COBRA event
  • TEXT_VARIABLES Text variables for COBRA correspondence
  • BENEFICIARIES Table of COBRA qualified beneficiaries
  • HEALTH_PLANS Table of affected health plans

To access the input parameter fields within the function exit, allocate them to the corresponding internal data structures (see also the Example code delivered by SAP)


The above internal data structures as well as a number of others are globally declared for all COBRA function exits in include LXPCOTAP. You must declare any further data you require and enter it in the function exit using the input parameters yourself.

The function exit has no output parameters. You can, however indicate an Exception to the standard coding:

  • CUSTOMER_ERROR Error in function exit

The example code delivered with the function exit, shows how a COBRA offer for continuing health insurance can be restricted to those plans and options in which the qualifying beneficiary took part before the COBRA event.

You can transfer this code directly to the function exit and, if necessary, modify it to suit your requirements. For general information on how to enter a code or function declarations in a function exit, see the online documentation for transaction Project Administration of SAP Enhancements.

For more detailed information on processing texts with SAPscript, see the 'Basis Services / Communication' section of the SAP library. Note in particular the description of the programming interface and the function modules which are available to you in this context.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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