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/ISDFPS/BADI_AUTHINV - BAdI: Authorized/Actual Comparison

/ISDFPS/BADI_AUTHINV - BAdI: Authorized/Actual Comparison

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You can use this BAdI to make customer-specific changes to parameter settings, the authorized/actual table, as well as the output table for the authorized/actual comparison. The BAdI contains a default implementation (see standard settings).

BAdI: Make Customer-Specific Changes to Authorized/Actual Comparison.

The dialog box in the default implementation is displayed only for those users for which a corresponding data record is defined in table /ISDFPS/SISEL.

You can maintain the required data in transaction SM30.

The user name and screen number (1001) must be specified and the 'Active' indicator set.



DYNNR,,= '1001' (in the default implementation)

SELVAR,,= '/my variant'


SIV_OUT  = ' '

If you want to start every authorized/actual comparison with the same selection criteria, (for 'Infrastructure Material' or always with the evaluation for the MRP area, for example), you can save a corresponding selection variant in the dialog box called up by the default implementation. If you enter the name of the selection variant in the field provided in table /ISDFPS/SISEL, the authorized/actual comparison starts with this variant in the future and the dialog box is no longer displayed (which means that you do not have to enter any selection criteria).

If you want to be able to cancel the authorized/actual comparison in the Structures Workbench, you have to maintain the user name and the SIV_OUT indicator in table /ISDFPS/SISEL. You then decide by means of a confirmation prompt whether the authorized/actual comparison should be carried out. If the authorized/actual comparison was canceled when you started the application, you can still carry out the authorized/actual comparison by choosing refresh or selecting the Authorized Actual Comparison radio button in the material list.



DYNNR,,= ''

SELVAR,,= ''

ACTIVE,,= ''

SIV_OUT  = 'X'

The settings in table /ISDFPS/SISEL are client specific so that these settings must be defined for all the desired clients.

When you call up the material list in the workbench, the default implementation allows you to influence the result of the authorized/actual comparison by means of a dialog box as follows: By selecting material indicators, you can restrict the evaluation to the material indicators that you selected and change the evaluation area (force element, MRP area, or substructure) for the authorized/actual comparison by means of a radio button group.

The data for the authorized/actual comparison is determined on the basis of the parameter settings that you selected. Any customer-specific changes to the authorized/actual table and output table (see the documentation for interface methods) are also taken into account.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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