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CALL METHOD, Static Method Call (Obsolete)

Short Reference

CALL METHOD ${ meth( )
            $| meth( a )
            $| meth( p1 = a1 p2 = a2 ... )
            $| meth( $[parameter_list$] ) $}.

CALL METHOD   meth $[parameter_list$].


Both statements have the same semantics and call the method that is specified statically with the name meth.

  • The second statement does not have any parentheses for filling the parameter interface. Instead, either an explicit parameter list is specified or no parameter list at all.

In the second variant without parentheses, no chained method calls are possible and the operators NEW and CAST cannot be used to specify the method.


  • It is not necessary to prefix the recommended syntax with CALL METHOD since this would make programs harder to read.

  • The syntax without parentheses is based on function module calls and is obsolete. The syntax involving parentheses, however, standardizes both standalone and functional method calls.

The statement CALL METHOD is now only intended for dynamic method calls and distinguishes them clearly from static calls.
  • The static method call described here must not be confused with the call of static methods. A static method call is the static specification of an instance method or a static method. In addition, there is the dynamic method call, for which the methods are specified dynamically.


The three method calls in the following source code section have the same meaning. The first two calls are the obsolete variants with CALL METHOD: one without parentheses and one with. The third call is the recommended variant without CALL METHOD.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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