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- Obsolete BDEF Derived Types

... $[TYPE$] ${ TABLE $| STRUCTURE $} FOR LOCK bdef.


Special ABAP type that is used for internal tables and structures in the context of RAP to enable the communication between a RAP BO provider and a RAP BO consumer.


The following table covers the variants including information on the BDEF prerequisites and its components.

For more information on the components, see Components of BDEF Derived Types. For more information on the BDEF specifications, see the subtopics in ABAP CDS - BDL for Behavior Definitions.

TYPE TABLE FOR ... Purpose BDEF Prerequisites Components
LOCK Used to specify RAP BO instances that are to be locked in the context of the statement SET LOCKS. It is basically the same as TYPE TABLE KEY OF (or TYPE STRUCTURE FOR KEY OF respectively). In ADT, a variable typed with TYPE TABLE FOR LOCK shows TYPE TABLE FOR KEY OF (or TYPE STRUCTURE FOR LOCK shows TYPE STRUCTURE FOR KEY OF respectively) in the element information (F2). See the details in the CDS BDL documentation for locking. The keys (not %key). \lbr \lbr %is_draft and %pid are not possible.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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