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- RESULT result_tab

... RESULT result_tab ...


Used to store results of the following operations in an internal table (result_tab):

  • All READ operations
  • A MODIFY operation executing an action

The internal table (result_tab) must be typed with a specific BDEF derived type depending on the operation performed. The use of RESULT is mandatory for all operations except for the modify operation executing an action.

The internal tables comprise nested structures that contain special components. See the details on the components in the documentation for Components of Derived Types.

The following table provides an overview on those operations offering a result, what their BDEF derived type is and which components are relevant for the internal tables:

Context Types Components of Structures in Internal Table result_tab
READ operations TABLE FOR READ RESULT bdef[\_assoc] %data \lbr %key \lbr %pky \lbr %tky
READ operations executing functions (READ ... EXECUTE) TABLE FOR FUNCTION RESULT bdef~function %key \lbr %param \lbr %pky \lbr %tky
MODIFY operations executing an action (MODIFY ... EXECUTE) TABLE FOR ACTION RESULT bdef~action %cid_ref \lbr %key \lbr %param \lbr %pky \lbr %tky
BDEF derived type for feature controls TABLE FOR [INSTANCE] FEATURES RESULT bdef[~group] %action \lbr %assoc \lbr %delete \lbr %field \lbr %key \lbr %update
BDEF derived type for authorization checks TABLE FOR [INSTANCE] AUTHORIZATION RESULT bdef[~group] %action \lbr %assoc \lbr %delete \lbr %key \lbr %update


  • Additional components are possible for all contexts: If late numbering is defined for a BO, the component %pid is available. In case of a draft-enabled BO, the component %is_draft is available.
  • The availability of the special components for feature controls and authorization master depends on the specifications in the BDEF. For example, the component %delete is only available in a table with the derived type TABLE FOR FEATURES RESULT, if a feature control is specified for delete in the BDEF. See more information in the CDS BDL documentation for define behavior, feature control and define behavior, authorization.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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