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00042 - Very large temp storage

00042 - Very large temp storage

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Very large temp storage

Hi Saplings,
there is another possibility to determine which job i.e.WorkProcess needs a
lot of TempSpace:
The result of DETAIL(*NONE) will be shown as status message, the result of
*FULL is in your joblog.

HTH - Thomas Schoenauer
SAP R/3 BASIS & AS/400 System Administrator
Municipality of Linz, Dpt. of EDP, Sect. Systems Management
A-4041 Linz, Gruberstraße 40 - 42, Room 408
Tel ++43 (732) 7070-1737 Fax ++43 (732) 7070-1555

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Von: Paul Hoogendoorn [mailto:Paul.HoogendoornZp...]
Gesendet am: Dienstag, 12. Dezember 2000 12:18
An: sap400Zm...
Betreff: Very large temp storage
Dear saplings,

Our brand new 840-8 way with 360GB DASD, which of 190 GB is free DASD, is
suddenly full with (SAP) temorary storage.

We try to import 120.000 SD orders a day using BAPI's, but when about half
of the orders are read, the dasd is 99% full with temporary storage. It only
gets released when the work process is killed, or when sap is stopped.
Function modules CUD0_CONFIGURATION_INITIALIZER and CE_C_INIT are executed
every 250 orders to actively clear the buffers, but this does'nt realy help.

It occurs on both our 4.6B systems, one on V4R4 and the other on V4R5. All
sap required PTF's are applied, also 4.6D kernel 308 is in place.

Has anybody experience with such large temp storage problems?
Is there an unlisted PTF which solves the problem?


Ir. H. Paul Hoogendoorn
SAP BC Certified technical consultant AS/400
Tel 033-455 99 51
Fax 033-455 99 54
GSM 06-55 77 08 83
E-Mail Paul.HoogendoornZP...

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