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00305 - to LPAR or not to LPAR???

00305 - to LPAR or not to LPAR???

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to LPAR or not to LPAR???

The use of LPAR can significantly reduce your software and hardware
expense, both initially and annually (as you only pay for 1 copy of OS/400,
have only 1 software subscription, and pay hardware maintenance on only 1
system. Your initial cost may be higher due to the larger system, disk, and
accessory components (LPAR does not share very well at this time). LPAR
under V5R1M0 is supposed to be much better, CPU's can be divided into 10ths
(if needed), components are shared more and changes can be made dynamically
without an IPL.

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From: Jack Pim [mailto:jackpimZh...]
Sent: Thursday, January 11, 2001 7:18 PM
To: sap400Zm...
Subject: to LPAR or not to LPAR???

Hello All,
I have a question as to everyone's opinion on the configuration of a
DEV/QAS box. I see customers buying a DEV/QAS boxes then using LPAR's to
split it up. Why not just install two system like we did before LPARs???
Memory and processors are sitting there unused when the other system is
busy??? Curios to know other peoples thoughts??

Jack Pim
Technical Consultant
SAP America
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