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00370 - Changing <SID>?

00370 - Changing <SID>?

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Changing <SID>?

Thanks Volker,

I have reviewed that document and it raises a question. Since we would be laying
the DB back down on top of the same box, would it be necessary to re-install the
kernel (page 5-7)? We are at the latest kernel and would like to not overlay
it, if possible. However, it looks as if the R3SETUP is going to expect it.



"Gueldenpfennig, Volker" wrote:

> Hi Robert,
> you should use a homogenieus systemcopy. This is in general a backup of the
> old database, then an installation of the new SID. Instead of the Export-CDs
> you have to enter a valid RSTLIB-Command for reloading the DB. This is
> described in a document in the sapnet.
> Regards
> Volker Gueldenpfennig

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