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I just noticed the part of the question that asked about whether it would
work with 4.0B. If you are referring to the GUI, I think this is specific
to the 4.6 C or D GUI. They are downward compatible though so if you can
use the GUI on your 4.0B R/3 system (if your workstations are up to it).
There's an OSS note about requirements for the 4.6X GUI versions.

Craig Welch

Diane Piccirello <dpiccirelloZt...> on 01/25/2001 01:13:21 PM

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Hello Robert,

In SAPADMIN you will find it under Tools, then select Apply Patch.


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Hello, group.

Thanks for the advice on SAPAdmin. I have it installed on the server, now.


Note 361222 states that you should initiate SAPAdmin and navigate to menu
"Extras" and select "Apply patch".

Guess what? There is NO menu titled "Extras".

What now?

SAP = Surprise! Another Problem!


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Kerr Drug
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