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00571 - Post Homogeneous System Copy Steps

00571 - Post Homogeneous System Copy Steps

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Post Homogeneous System Copy Steps

> 3. When I work with Profiles from R/3 (RZ10), the profiles for TST
> and PRD now have the DEV START profiles. How can I get the profiles
> back for the TST and PRD systems?
Just delete the profiles of the old system (profile -> Delete -> All
versions, answer "no" to question about deleting at the OS level, and
reimport the current profiles of the system using the menu.
Also be careful to add important parameters from the source system back in
the new profiles.

Do some cleanup in ST03 (Goto Performance database and use menu to delete
all shown Moni Data - works more or less depending on your release/patch
level, otherwise delete manually the parts that don't get deleted

Clean all the spools older than one day (use RSPO0041, does cross-client
cleaning), use transaction SP12 to purge Temse objects reference
(consistency check) because you dont have anymore the corresponding files at
OS level.

Delete ALL the operation modes and recreate one or more if needed.

Delete jobs in DB13 and recreate them.. OOPPPSSSS, no, sorry, forget it :-))

Also be careful with logical systems assignments in SCC4!! Logical system
names affected to a client must be unique in the landscape otherwise serious
problems might occur. This is a common problem after homogeneous system

Read the last chapter of the doc "homogeneous system copy" . Those steps and
a few more are described. This is NOT in note 36862 which only deals with
the copy process, not the post-activities.

Good luck.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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