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00643 - SAP 4.6x on V4R5: SQLPKG trouble?

00643 - SAP 4.6x on V4R5: SQLPKG trouble?

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SAP 4.6x on V4R5: SQLPKG trouble?

Was just taking a look at that (too!)

We were running at about 5,500M Current Unprotect on our AS/400 which hosts 3
SID's at release 3.1H
We upgraded 1 of the SID's to release 4.6C & the Current Unprotect is running
around 29,000M. An increase of 23,500M.
DSPTMPSTG = 15,863M so guess it's time to find those emails that help explain
why Current Unprotect could be double
the DSPTMPSTG results. We bring down the SIDs every night, so that won't help.

We will take stats after ending all SIDs
After ending R3_nn subsystems
After IPL

Something is definitely not correct but have not pursued YET

Doreen Anderson
Operations / SAP Basis Manager
Ball Horticultural Company

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Subject: SAP 4.6x on V4R5: SQLPKG trouble?

We've heard a rumor from an application service provider that several
companies live with SAP 4.6 on V4R5 have been having problems that require
them to shutdown and delete SQLPKG's regularly. Sounds like some tremendous
(even more than normal) amounts of temporary storage used, as well.

Anyone experience such problems, or can confirm or deny the rumor?

Jim Doll, Perrigo

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