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00721 - TMS Trouble

00721 - TMS Trouble

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TMS Trouble


I might be the wrong person to address this since we don't really use the
TMS here (except to configure it so that I can go to OS and perform
transports the old fashioned way!). When I configured TMS after the
upgrade, I was unprepared to do this. So, I just learned on the fly,
configing and deleting, until I got it right. I don't usually recommend
this type of feeble tactic, but it might work now in your case. 🙂

It appears that your config in QAS is not configured correctly. More
likely, it was configured correctly, but was unable to distribute the
information to the domain controller. Now that the communications are
working between SIDs, I suggest reconfiging TMS in QAS (delete old config
and create again). Then, the appropriate info should be sent to the domain
controller so that it can be added appropriately in DEV.

Good luck,

Mike D. Martin<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =
"urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

SAP Basis Administrator

SOLA Optical, USA

707-763-9911 x6106


-----Original Message-----
From: Robert Ingrum [mailto:basisadmZs...]
Sent: Thursday, February 08, 2001 1:26 PM
To: 'sap400Zm...'
Subject: Re: TMS Trouble

We created DEV01 and QAS01 users on both systems. Now it recognizes DEV as
domain controller. YAY! Now when we go to include QAS in the DEV domain
we get a new error (bummer!):

Local TMS configuration is inconsistent in QAS.
msg XT 123
An error occurred in the communications layer.
System: QAS (000)
Error: INVALID_LOCAL_CONF(tms_not configured)


The local transport system configuration of the specified system is
inconsistent. Update the system to the transport controller using
transaction STMS.

From the DEV domain controller we are not able to see QAS from the

Any clues?

Robert Ingrum wrote:

Great idea Mike! We tried it and got this error:

S1 204 Wrong order of calls <- CALL opendir: Permission denied.(,,..)

Could this be a problem with the way we added our host dirs to QFileSrv.400?

On LDCWLT242 we added LDCWLT243 under QFileSrv.400.
On LDCWLT243 we added LDCWLT242 under QFileSrv.400.
This is the only way we could get the links to work across systems.

We also noticed that dirs LDCWLT242 and LDCWLT243 alone had no authorities,
owner or group profile assigned. The lower directories and their contents
had the correct authorities, though.



"Mike Martin, IS, Sousa" wrote:

One good method of testing the authorization piece is to use AL11. See if
you can link from QAS to /usr/sap/trans/bin and read DOMAIN.CFG. This
request will use QAS02 user which should be the same used by TMS. Seems
like you tried everything else under the sun already.The only other thing I
can think of is the levels you're at for:1. Kernel2. TP and R3TRANS3. Hot
PackagesI assume you're at the latest, but if not, I would try to update the
kernel, TP, and R3trans first.Regards,
Mike D. Martin<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "
<urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office> " />
SAP Basis Administrator

SOLA Optical, USA

707-763-9911 x6106


-----Original Message-----
From: Robert Ingrum [ mailto:basisadmZs...
<mailto:basisadmZs...> ]
Sent: Thursday, February 08, 2001 11:31 AM
To: 'sap400Zm...'
Subject: TMS Trouble
Hi SAPer's,

We are on a 4.6C database and a 4.6D kernel. We have installed DEV and QAS
on a LPAR'ed system.

We have installed our QAS system (hostname LDCWLT243) and we are attempting
to set up TMS on our QAS system (hostname LDCWLT243). When we execute STMS
on the QAS system, it should read the DOMAIN.CFG file on the transport host
(DEV, hostname LDCWLT242). This will tell it that DEV is the domain
controller, and QAS should proceed to request to be added to the domain.
Unfortunately, it does not appear to read the DOMAIN.CFG file, is not aware
of other systems and wants to set itself up as the domain controller.

We can see the DOMAIN.CFG file on DEV from QAS with wrklnk
/usr/sap/trans/bin. The symbolic link to the trans dir from QAS is

When we try to explicitly designate LDCWLT242 (DEV) as the Domain host, we
receive the error message XT 121, Deletion of local TMS configuration
An error occurred in the TMS communication layer. Error:
The system could not delete the local TMS configuration. This is probably
because you lack authorization.

We are executing this as SAP*.

We have created DEVOFR and QASOFR on both systems. We have not created
DEV01 on QAS or QAS01 on DEV because we have questions about the proper way
to do it. We have run FIXR3OWNS, AS4FIXFILE and CHGPGP to attemp to
straighten out the authorities. We are concerned because we absolutely
installed this system by the book and were always logged on as the correct
user where specified for the different steps!

Is anybody out there able to help point us in the right direction? We are
close to completely rebuilding TMS on both systems, but somehow I don't
think that will solve the underlying problem. TMS has always worked
perfectly on DEV, besides.


Robert Ingrum
Louis Dreyfus

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