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EHS_MD_135_06 - Set Up Easy Expert

EHS_MD_135_06 - Set Up Easy Expert

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In this IMG activity, settings are described that are relevant for Easy Expert.

The Easy Expert application enables you to make changes to specification data easily.

For you to be able to use Easy Expert, an Expert server must be set up.

  1. Set up a server on a Windows PC. You can find information on this in the IMG activities

During installation, the DefaultEasyExpert instance is created automatically. You can change the standard settings if required.

  1. Unlike Expert, Easy Expert does not require the IMG activity Extend Entry in Secondary Data Determination to be processed.
Instead, in the IMG activity Specify Environment Parameters for the parameter EXPERT_DEFAULT_DESTINATION, enter the description of the RFC destination as an environment parameter value.


If you use service administration, you can set up an Easy Expert server using the Easy Expert indicator.

The Easy Expert servers are synchronous servers. If a large number of users use Easy Expert simultaneously, you should set up a number of Easy Expert servers to safeguard sufficiently fast response times.

Note that all synchronous servers must be linked to the same RFC destination. Load distribution occurs automatically.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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