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AINT0003 - Defining percentage/amount of repayment by invest. support

AINT0003 - Defining percentage/amount of repayment by invest. support

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Using this SAP enhancement, you can use a customer exit to specify the repayment amount for an investment support measure, when the asset is retired during the required retention period.

In order to use the enhancement properly, you have to define the user exit 'amount to be specified by user' in FI-AA-Customizing for the investment support measure for 'Repayment type for premature retirement.'

To use this user exit, follow the procedure below:

  1. Maintain the Include ZXAPCU04 (until 4.0B ZXINTU04) and create the source code for specifying the repayment amount (see the example below).
  2. Create a customer project using SAP enhancement AINT0003 and activate it (transaction CMOD).

The following parameters are available in include ZXAPCU04 (until 4.0B ZXINTU04):

  • I_T085 Definition of the investment support measure
  • I_FRIEND End of the retention period
  • I_ANBTR Amount of investment support being retired in local currency
  • I_ANTS Selection from asset master record
  • I_ANLB Depreciation terms of the investment support depreciation area
  • E_RPROZS Percentage of the investment support that should be repaid
  • E_RBTRAG Repayment amount in local currency

* Pay 50 percent of the investment support in all cases

E_RPROZS = 50.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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