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ALGEX005 - Enhancement for external Extractors (especially TAT / EC)

ALGEX005 - Enhancement for external Extractors (especially TAT / EC)

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General Description

The Customer Exit EXIT_SAPLORF3_005 (function module of function group XORF7) can be used for adaption of an user defined extractor for the Turn Around Time (divided in the parts Repair Time and Transport Time) and the Essentiality Code. With this Extractor, the user can determine these values from any history data mapped to the system.

Because of the huge interface of this Customer Exit, the user has also the possibility to change further parameters which are relevant for the stock calculation. Hence, the user can change the IP data, the material data as well as the data of the MTBE extractor for example. Such changes have only an influences on the stock calculation database ORFCALC, but not on the IP database, MTBE database or material master database.


The most important interface (import and export) of this Customer Exit is given by the structure WA_PARTS. This structure is defined in the Data Dictionary like ORFPART. This structure describes the data after selecting it from the databases and before it is converted and written to the screen 0200 of program ORF2. The structur refers to one part type. The structure contains IP data, material data as well as the data of the MTBE extractor for example. It also contains empty fields for the result of the extractor, which can be implemented in this Customer Exit.

Besides the structure WA_PARTS , the user has access to the IP tables I_SPCIPHDR, I_SPCIPPDR, I_SPCIPPDS and I_SPCIPCSN. This internal tables are defined like the Data Dictionary database tables SPCIPHDR, SPCIPPDR, SPCIPPDS and SPCIPCSN. They contain all parts, that are selected in the IP database on the first screen of the transaction. An change on the internal tables will not initiate an IP database change. An other table, I_PARTS, describes the marked parts in the IP browser. The import structur WA_SET (like ORFSET defined in the Data Dictionary) contains the settings determined from the customizing profile (Reference -> IRFC1/2) or the settings pop up. The import parameter IP_MATNR_ASSIGN contains the customizing flag for the assignment of the IP part type to the material (Reference -> IRFC1/2). The latter interface parameters will mostly not be used in this context.

Structure of the Coding

The function module EXIT_SAPLORF3_005 is encapsulated in an other function module GET_MTBE_EXTRACTOR (function group: ORF3). The latter is called from the function module FILL_IT_PARTS (function group: ORF3) and the program ORF2 (Single Item Stock Calculation). Hence, the function module is called for every IP part type seperately.

Example Use

If the extractor to be implemented should determine material based values, the corresponding material number can be read from WA_PARTS-MATNR.

The result of the extractor, the Turn Around Time (Repair) have to be written into the field WA_PARTS-TAT_REP_SYSTEM, the Turn Around Time (Transport) have to be written into the field WA_PARTS-TAT_TRP_SYSTEM and the Essentiality Code have to be written into the field WA_PARTS-EC_SYSTEM.

Furthermore, fields of the structur WA_PARTS or the IP tables can be read or changed. Attention: Because of the large changable interface, the user can also 'destroy' relevant calculation data.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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