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AMAV0001 - Determination of asset value date

AMAV0001 - Determination of asset value date

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Starting in Release 4.0, you can specify yourself how the system should determine the asset value date for individual Asset Accounting transactions. For each business transaction, you can specify the following in Asset Accounting Customizing

  • the primary rule to be used for determining the asset value date on the basis of other dates (such as the document date and posting date)
  • the alternative rule to be used when the fiscal year determined by the primary rule is different from the fiscal year of the posting date

If the rules supplied by SAP do not meet your needs, you can define your own rules. Follow the procedure below:

  • In Asset Accounting Customizing, enter rules for determining the asset value date. The keys for your rules must be between 90 and 99.
  • Create include ZXINTU06 in function group XINT. Enter the code there that determines the asset value date when a transaction is assigned to the new rules.
  • Create a customer enhancement project that is related to the SAP enhancement AMAV0001, and activate it (transaction CMOD).
  • Specify the business transactions that should use your new rules ( in Asset Accounting Customizing under "Transactions").

The following parameters are available in include ZXINTU06

  • I_GSVOR - 4 alpha-character key of the transaction
You can see the relationship to the names used in the Customizing transaction in table TABVT.
  • I_REGEL - rule key
  • I_BUDAT - posting date
  • I_BLDAT - document date
  • I_BUDAT_WE - posting date of goods receipt
  • I_BZDAT_RE - valued date of invoice receipt
  • I_ANTS - selected fields from the asset master record
(for example, the date fields "capitalization date" I_ANTS-AKTIV and "date of last retirement" I_ANTS-ABGDT)
  • I_BWASL -transaction type key
  • E_BZDAT - You must assign the asset value date that is determined to this parameter


For assets in asset class 4000, you want to use the capitalization date as the asset value date for acquisitions. For assets of all other classes you want to use the posting date. To this end you create rule 90 and assign it to the business transaction "acquisition" as primary rule.

The source code of include ZXINTU06 might look like this:


IF I_REGEL = '90'.
   IF I_ANTS-ANLKL = '00004000'.
      E_BZDAT = I_BUDAT.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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