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C10U0001 - EHS: Further Checks for Dangerous Goods Classification

C10U0001 - EHS: Further Checks for Dangerous Goods Classification

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When maintaining classification data for dangerous goods management, you assign a UN listed substance to the dangerous goods classification for each dangerous goods regulation. The UN listed substance contains dangerous goods legal data for an identification number In order to specify the degree of risk more exactly, you must enter the risk potential (dangerous goods letter, packing group) when assigning. When doing so, you must check whether this risk potential also exists for the UN listed substance.

This function exit enables you to set up your own checks when maintaining data for dangerous goods classification. Normally the R/3 System checks whether the risk potential exists in the THM071 Customizing table. The function exit also allows you to perform your own check against the legal data stored within a UN listed substance. If the function exit is not activated, the system checks against all three additional tables for dangerous goods (transport approval, packaging code approval, risk classification), which is the standard procedure, and issues a warning if there are any errors.

In addition the system can also check whether the assignment of the hazard-inducing substances is correct. As a standard procedure, the system checks whether the descriptions for the hazard-inducers are specified in all phrase items when the hazard-inducers are assigned.

The customer exit can be found in the function group XC1A. You call it in the function module C10U_USER_EXIT_CALL. The standard procedure (when not activating the function exit) can be found in the function module C10U_USER_EXIT_SUBSTITUTE.

Description of parameters:


Current data record to be checked. The structure corresponds with that of the database table EST0F, but enhanced to include administrative fields.


The data record to be checked before changing the values on the screen, the same structure as I_RCG0FIOT.


Additional general information on the dialog: change number, key date (from the initial screen), and so on.


The message class of the message that is to be output from the program you called.


Message type of the message to be output (E, W, I ...)


Number of message to be output


Message parameter for the output

As an alternative to returning the message parameters, you can perform message handling in the function exit itself.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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