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E25S0001 - IS-U: Check and change of logical view of budg. billing plan

E25S0001 - IS-U: Check and change of logical view of budg. billing plan

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Checking and changing the budget billing plan

Enhancement EXIT_SAPLE25S_001 enables you to check and change data for budget billing plans that are to be migrated. The data is available in the following structures:

  • X_EVER: contract data
  • XY_BBP: budget billing plan data, consists of structures:
  • EABP: header data

  • T_EABPS: item data

Note that data contained in structure XY_BBP includes required entry fields. This means that if individual data fields are deleted, errors can occur when creating the budget billing plan.


Enter your coding in the function module in the following include file:

Function module Include file

Exceptions must be programmed in the enhancement in the form of an error message (see example 1). It is possible to use user-defined error messages from separate message classes.


  1. No payment plan amount was requested in the last month of the budget billing period (valid only in USA). You can enter this information in the payment plan category.
* Data definition
tables: te015.
data: v_lstmt like te015,
v_lines type i.
constants: co_value_x(1) type c value 'X'.
*--> Determine data for payment plan category
select single lstmt,,into v_lstmt
,,,,,,,,,,,,from te015
,,,,,,,,,,,,where pyplt eq x_ever-pyplt.
if sy-subrc ne 0.
* >>Payment plan category not found<<
message E001(ZBBP) with x_ever-pyplt.
*-->Delete the last payment plan amount if indicator is set
sort xy_bbp-t_eabps by faedn.
describe table xy_bbt-t_eabps lines v_lines.
if v_lstmt eq co_value_x.
delete xy_bbt-t_eabps index v_lines.
  1. If the due date of the last budget billing payment is after the 15th day of the month, it is changed to the 15th and the debit entry date is changed to the 1st day of the month:

* Data definition
data: v_lines type i,
v_faedn like eabps-faedn.
data: i_eabps like eabps occurs 0 with header line.
constants: co_day_15(2) type n value 15,
co_day_01(2) type n value 01.

*Sort the individual budget billing items from the transfer parameters
append lines of xy_bbp-t_eabps to i_eabps.

* Check and change the due date
describe table i_eabps lines v_lines.
read table i_eabps index v_lines.
if i_eabps-faedn+6(2) gt co_day.
i_eabps-faedn+6(2) = co_day_15.
i_eabps-solldat+6(2) = co_day_01.
modify i_eabps index v_lines.

* Rewrite the changed data in the changing parameters
clear: xy_bbp-t_eabps.
move i_eabps[] to xy_bbp-t_eabps.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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