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EWALOC02 - IS-U-WA: Definition of Cust. Fields in Container Loc. Manag.

EWALOC02 - IS-U-WA: Definition of Cust. Fields in Container Loc. Manag.

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You can use this enhancement to create field checks for customer- specific fields in container location management.

Customer-specific fields are maintained on a separate tab page in the container location transaction ELOC.

You must create a screen in the function group SAPLXEWAMDLOC and define the specified function modules. Your data is entered and checked via these function modules. Communication with the container location transaction takes place via the standardized enhanced function modules EXIT_SAPLEEWA_MD_LOC_002 to EXIT_SAPLEEWA_MD_LOC_005.


Store your own code, per function module, in the following include files:

Function module Include file


Before you implement this enhancement, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the program model for the waste disposal industry component (IS-U-WA). You need this information to understand the program structure and the function modules. This knowledge will be useful when implementing your code.

You have the following possibilities for storing your own data for container location management:

  • In the customer name space, create a table with the data that is to be maintained for container location management.
  • Create the screen 0100 in the function group SAPLXEWAMDLOC, and allocate your customer-specific fields to it.


In container location management, you want to specify a transfer address for a container, which is different to the container location address. This is not possible using the existing SAP functionality because an address cannot be specified at container level. To do this you can define an individual address area, and store the different transfer address there. You can then add this when the waste disposal order is issued.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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