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EXIT_MP200000_001 -

EXIT_MP200000_001 -

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You can use function exit EXIT_MP200000_001 to determine default values for the specifications for activity allocation, which are recorded along with an infotype.

The default values can be defined on the basis of:

  • I0001 the currently valid infotype 0001 record (Organizational Assignment),
  • INNNN the recorded infotype,
  • CSREF any existing additional data.

Based on this data, the new additional data can be taken as default values for parameter CSREF. A date on which the activity allocation is to be checked can be specified in the variable CHECK_DATE.

This function exit does not issue error messages or generate exceptions.

Please note:

  • The function exit is processed when you create and also when you change a record. Existing data should not be overwritten by the default values.
  • The function exit is called when you choose the activity allocation function on the single screen, or when you use one of the list entry or weekly calendar screens for activity allocation.
  • If there are no entries for the sending cost center, sending company code or receiving company code afer the function exit has been executed, values are taken from infotype 0001.
  • You can use function module HR_READ_INFOTYPE to read further infotype data.
  • A simple example of the coding of the function exit is stored in include LX200F01.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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