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This is a customer enhancement made with the goal in mind that the
customers that manage deposits from their employees in the system can
include this information in the Loan and Deposit Notifications to
the employees and Skattedirektoratet.

Since handling deposits from employees is not part of the standard
functionality, the customer must add code to extract deposit

Two function exits are available for this and the customer must
choose to use on of them:

  • EXIT_RPLLONV0_001: To be used when deposits are stored in wage types
    in the HR payroll. The function exit imports the RT, period dates and
    PERNR. The customer provides the code for extracting the deposit
    information from the RT record and storing it in the 'deposit_table'.
    This function module is called once per record in the RT.
  • EXIT_RPLLONV0_002: In cases where the deposit information cannot be
    found in the RT in HR payroll. This function module is called once per
    employee. The function imports the personal number of the employee.
    Based on that, the function module shall update the table
    'deposit_table' with one row per deposit account for the current

The function modules are activated by the customer using
transaction CMOD.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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